Caring for your 2B

Other than loving and caressing your 2B, here are actual things that you should do to keep your 2B in good shape.

1) For tote bags, spot clean if possible.

2) If you must machine wash your bag or shirt, here's what you need to do.
- Turn the item inside out.
- Wash separately for the first wash.
- Wash in cold water with color safe detergent.
- Remove from washer as soon as its done.
- Hang to dry. (Do not machine dry)

3) Do not iron directly on the design. You will damage the design and in turn damage your iron.

Raised 2Bs

Raised designs may occur if you dry your 2B item in a dryer. You don't have to live with this. You just have to iron the design flat again.

What you'll need:
- Iron
- Overlay paper (included with your 2B item)
- Soft pillow case
- Hard, smooth, and heat resistant surface.

Ironing Steps:
1) Heat iron to highest cotton setting for eight minutes with no steam.
2) Place soft pillow case on surface.
3) Place 2B item on pillow case. (Make sure the design is flat.)
4) Place overlay paper over entire design.
5) Iron damaged area for 30 seconds with firm pressure.
6) Let the ironed area cool completely.
7) Remove overlay paper.

- Be careful to NOT touch the iron to any part of the design directly. This will ruin the design permanently.
- Once you've ironed the damaged area, DO NOT lift the overlay paper before the are is completely cooled. This will damage the design further.